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Unformatted text preview: Qualitative: A possible source of error is timing error. We minimized the timing error by timing ten cycles and dividing the total time by ten to find the period; however, the starting and stopping times are not always consistent. Another possible source of error is that the path the bob travelled was not always consistently straight. At times it swung diagonally. As a result, this could have affected our times and thus the value of g. Another source of error is the measurement of the string length. The larger value of L, the larger the value of acceleration due to gravity will be. This could explain why the value I found for g is much larger than the accepted value. Conclusion The goal of this lab was to measure the acceleration due to gravity to 3 significant figures by using the relationship between the length and period of a simple pendulum. I met this goal by finding the acceleration due to gravity to be 10.9 m/s^2. This value is 11.1% off from the accepted value 9.81 m/s^2. A possible source of to gravity to be 10....
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