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Investigations and Explanations 1. The one test alone is not enough because polarization could cause the attraction to occur. Charged objects can attract to small objects that don’t have a charge. A polarization charge occurs when the attracted atoms in an object move to the surface of the object, producing an excess of one type of charge on the surface. 2. First, you rub the balloon with the fur. Then bring the negatively charged balloon near the T and B strips and observe. The balloon repelled from the B Strip and was attracted to the T strip.
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Unformatted text preview: According to Principle E and F, opposite charges attract and similar charges repel, thus strip T is positively charged and the strip B is negatively charged. 3. The aluminum foil was neutral because both the T and B strips were attracted to the aluminum. This is because aluminum is a metal, so it is a good conductor of electricity, and thus it allows charges to move about more or less freely. As a result, there is a uniform distribution of the charge over the surface of the aluminum foil....
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