Offsite- archiving policy

Offsite- archiving policy - General Policy on Records...

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Unformatted text preview: General Policy on Records Archiving Rationale: To provide a secure environment for all sensitive information, reduce time utilized in searching records, reduce valuable office space used for storage of records, and avoid likelihood of losing important files and documents. Coverage: The policy covers old files of all departments, which are no longer used in the current operations but need to be retained for a specific period of time in compliance with government rules and regulations or in accordance with existing Company’s internal policy. Policy Statements: 1. The Department Head must designate a Records Archiving Representative of his/her own department. 2. The Department Head shall be responsible in determining which files are to be either transferred to archiving storage or to be destroyed. 3. The designated Records Archiving Representative shall be responsible for the sorting of files to be archived or to be destroyed. 4. The ________________ is the one authorized to coordinate with the accredited Records Management Company in regard with the pick-up scheduling of old files. Guidelines and Restrictions: The following guidelines and restrictions are to be strictly applied and observed relative to records archiving: ● The basis of determination which files to be archived or to be destroyed should be the group Masterlist prepared by each department. ● For Accounting Department, all files still subjected to BIR Audit should be filed appropriately; however, all other valuable documents that are deemed old (prior year documents) should be transferred to archiving storage....
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Offsite- archiving policy - General Policy on Records...

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