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assignmen case study t2011-revised - APPENDIX 2: Assignment...

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APPENDIX 2: Assignment Read the following case study and answer the accompanying questions using the format specified by the assignment guidelines. Please ensure that the total length of your assignment does not exceed 2000 words. Case Study: Michael Michael Smith is a 7-year old boy who was referred to the child psychology clinic by his school teacher following concerns for his extreme misbehaviour at school and his inability to make friends. In order to gain a better understanding of Michael’s presenting problems; interviews were conducted with Michael, his mother, and teacher. Michael’s first grade teacher, Mrs Roberts, reported that Michael has always been very disruptive in class. She stated that Michael refuses to stay in his seat even though she reminds him of this class rule at the beginning of each school day. Mrs Roberts also said that Michael often blurts out irrelevant speech during class and refuses to sit quietly. His teacher notes that over the last couple of months Michael won’t stop talking about Cars 2 and acting out the characters in class. When he is told to stop talking about Cars 2 or when other classmates aren’t listening, Michael would start to scream and shout. At times, he might throw his chair in frustration. Mrs Roberts reports that she is trying her best to manage Michael’s misbehaviour by seating him at the front of the class and reminding him to stop but this doesn’t seem to be helping as Michael would only increase his noise. Michael has been sent to quiet time in class almost every day. The only thing that usually works is allowing Michael to go to
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assignmen case study t2011-revised - APPENDIX 2: Assignment...

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