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Matse first assignment

Matse first assignment - Brandon Smith Matse 091 Section...

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Brandon Smith August 31, 2011 Matse 091 Section 002 Plastics Negatively Impacting The Environment Everyday people have to pick whether to throw their plastics out in the normal trash or to place the plastics in a recycling bin. When someone has the option of placing an empty plastic water bottle in a trashcan or a recycle bin, this person will most likely choose the plastic in the recycle bin about fifty percent of the time. Because of the “go green!” aspect of life now, citizens of this earth would not even recognize that recycling anything plastic could cause harm to our society. If anything, the average person who puts it in the recycle bin thinks that they are saving the environment. Although plastics, such as water bottles and grocery store bags, may seem extremely useful and effective, these products are destroying our system of life (ecosystem) one day after the other. Whether it is due to the fact that plastics take infinite amount of years to degrade in our landfills or add toxins to our atmosphere either when they are originally produced or recycled into new products, the question of how plastics should be disposed is a major issue.
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