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Cell Biology 3150 Final Exam PLEASE WORK ON THIS TAKE HOME EXAM ON YOUR OWN ; THERE WILL BE NO COLLABORATION ALLOWED OR TOLERATED WITH THIS EXAM. YOU MAY USE ANY RESOURCES AT YOUR DISPOSAL EXCEPT PEERS! ALSO, PLEASE IDENTIFY ANY SOURCES OF INFORMATION YOU USE TO GENERATE THE ANSWER! I HAVE ENJOYED HAVING EACH OF YOU IN CLASS THIS SEMESTER; GOOD LUCK IN YOUR CHOSEN CAREERS! Instructions; Download this Word file and answer the questions directly on in this document. Be sure to reference any external sources used to generate your answers. This document should be uploaded to the Digital Drop Box at the class Bb site no later than 12:00 midnight on 14 December, 2004. Late uploads will result in automatic 2 point deductions on this 20 point test!!! 1. The study of molecular genetics can be called the study of the “Central Dogma”. (0.5 pts) In your own words, describe the significance of the “Central Dogma”. (1.5 pts) Read the short essay at http://www.i-sis.org.uk/DCD.php and discuss this author’s view in reference to what you understand about the “Central Dogma”. 2. The cytoskeleton plays many roles in the cell involving structural integrity and movement. The microtubule is one of the components of the cytoskeleton. A critical property of the microtubule is called “dynamic instability”. (1.0 pts) Describe how “dynamic instability” is critical to spindle fiber function
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Cell_Biology_3150_final_exam - Cell Biology 3150 Final Exam...

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