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HW-02 - Keep all the design parameters the same in order to...

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FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering CES-5325 / CGN-4930 Design of Highway Bridges - Spring Term 2005 Professor L. A. Prieto-Portar Homework No. 2 (15 points) (due on Thursday, 24 February) Replicate the hand-calculations performed for the design of a reinforced concrete deck shown in Example 3.1 (Lecture #07 – Design of Concrete Deck Slabs) with an Excel spreadsheet.
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Unformatted text preview: Keep all the design parameters the same, in order to assure yourself of the spreadsheet’s accuracy. Extra points will be given for (1) ease of use, and (2) figures and diagrams used in the lecture, in order to identify the meaning of each parameter, and visualize the problem....
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