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FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Foundation Engineering – Spring Term - 2010 Homework No. 1 Due by 1000 hours on Wednesday, 27 January 2010 (10 points). An exercise to understand the foundation pressures exerted by a human being. Consider the following data for a woman wearing high heels: 1) Woman’s weight = 54.43 kg = 533.97 N 2) Woman’s forefoot area = 32.50 cm 2 = 3.25 x 10 -4 m 2 3) Woman’s heel area = 2.25 cm 2 = 2.25 x 10 -5 m 2 4) Heel height = 8.00 cm (A) Find the pressure if the woman is standing on one of her heels, if the other foot is lifted
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Unformatted text preview: off the ground (such as during walking, attacking a cockroach, etc). Compare that pressure with the pressure exerted by an adult elephant’s foot. (B) Using the figure below, choose the right case to find the pressure if the woman is again standing on one of her heels. Submit your homework through e-mail. You should expect an acknowledgement of its receipt by me, and a grade. If you do not receive either within a week, it means I have not received your homework....
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