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Homework-02 - two moments label all-Use MathType(embedded...

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FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Foundation Engineering – Spring Term - 2010 Homework No. 2 Due by 2400 hours on Friday, 5 February 2010 (10 points). Redo both Exercises #7 and #8 that are shown in Lecture #5. - Type the problem statement in WORD; - Prepare an isometric view of the column and footing, showing the axial load and the
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Unformatted text preview: two moments; label all;-Use MathType (embedded in WORD) for all the mathematics;-Convert the SI-units into US-units and round-off. Submit your homework via e-mail. You should expect an acknowledgement of its receipt by me, and a grade. If you do not receive either within a week, it means I have not received your homework....
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