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Fin 320 Stock- Trak Trading Exercise Fall 2010 2. Send in the registration form with a check for $28.95 as soon as possible to get the paperwork completed (or you can register more quickly on the web with a credit card). Specific Requirements: 1. Register your Stock -Trak account during the first week of class. 2. Initial report: Submit a one-page report on Friday, August 27, briefly outlining what you hope to get out of this exercise and what tentative strategy you will pursue. For example, you might choose "conservative" focusing on blue-chip stocks and Treasury bonds, or "aggressive" focusing on technology or growth stocks and possibly some derivatives. Or perhaps you prefer a largely passive "buy and hold" strategy focusing on large index funds. Day-trading is also permissible. 3. Make at least one trade per week (this should not be a difficult requirement to fulfIll). You are allowed a maximum of 200 trades. You are required to make at least one transaction in the stock market, one transaction
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