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KIC000003 - Formula Sheet 10,000-P 10,000-x 360 n 10,000 P...

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Formula Sheet 10,000-P 360 ----x- 10,000 n 10,000- P 365 --:::---x- P n T .:. le:..:s.:..se:..:r...:o_f:..:b:..:u,-ys,-o:..:r...:s:..:;e=lIs urnover- average assets %Margin Account Equity Account Equity= Assets-Liabiliti<s NAV Market Value of Assets -Liabilities #of Shares Outstanding Market Valu eof Position ( APR)m EAR= 1+-;;;- -1 HPR Ending Price-Beginning Price + Dividends Beginning Price P, -~-l +D, ~-J U2 = L(R i -lif N-l E(R) = L Pi ·R i U AB = LPi' (RiA-E(RA»·(R iB -E(R B » i a AR=- u. VaR=zaW p. =.!!.L r-g Po _ (l- b IEPS, r-ROE·b EPS, p.=--+PVGO r '. (p,-p,-d Cap'talGainsYield = P'-I 'idend Yield
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