DNA Fingerprinting - DNA Fingerprinting April 29, 2005...

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DNA Fingerprinting April 29, 2005 Objectives: We were attempting to amplify a variable region of junk DNA of students in the class. We would then compare the bands produced on an electrophoresis gel between students. By comparing to a ladder that is also ran on the gel, we could determine the molecular weight of the DNA that was amplified. Introduction: For this experiment we amplified a junk region of our DNA called D1S80. This region is highly variable between humans and can be used to ascertain identity between a collection of samples. After the samples were ran through the Thermocycler for the time and run through electrophoresis, the amplified DNA will appear as a band next to the ladder standard. The bands between Methods: We took a sterile saline solution and swished it around our mouths and expelled the solution back into the cup. Then we transferred the solution into a plastic centrifuge tube and spun it for five minutes to create a pellet at the bottom. Next we decanted the liquid out of the centrifuge tube and re-suspended the pellet with 500 micro-liters of sterile saline solution. The next step is the isolation of our DNA. We transferred 200 micro-liters of the cheek cells from the centrifuge tube into a smaller centrifuge tube. Then we added 20 micro-liters of Proteinase K and 200 micro-liters of Buffer AL and mixed very well to
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/05/2008 for the course BIOL 4177 taught by Professor Pike during the Spring '08 term at East Tennessee State University.

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DNA Fingerprinting - DNA Fingerprinting April 29, 2005...

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