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Lecture_00_TerminaBug_p6 - Items for which you get points...

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1 Terminabug We have a new set of notes for you specific for this class As any set of new notes, there are typos and imperfections. We want the notes for next year to be perfect, and we want to make the process of improving the notes a contest. How to participate Every time you discover a mistake, email it to us, and if you are the first one to discover it, you will get points Submission: [email protected] We have a new set of notes for you specific for this class
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Unformatted text preview: Items for which you get points: – Mistake in concept 10 pts – Mistake in problem or test case 5 pts – Mistake in code, example 3 pts – Grammar mistake, typo 1 pt – Typographical inconsistencies, formatting 1 pt Point booster (can only be done once): – Problem from your field, with solution (code, plus explanation text and figure if required) 10 pts Prizes include: – iPod shuffles...
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