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Lecture_01_Basics_p6 - Lecture 1 Matlab basics Getting...

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1 1. Getting started 2. Using Matlab as a calculator 3. Logical expressions and statements Lecture 1: Matlab basics Getting started Current Workspace window Command window folder window Command history window Path where you currently are Using Matlab as a calculator You can use Matlab to perform operations which you would typically do on a standard calculator, for example calculating or calculating cos(1.23) Using Matlab’s help Matlab has built in help functions which enable you to find out how to use specific commands Filling in your command windows As you progress, the windows of Matlab will sart filling in with several items which reflect your previous actions Some variables Command window filled up You created files in the workspace Command history window Path might have changed because you are now in different directory How to encode undefined quantities or infinity? Specific ways to handle infinity or undefined quantities: Inf and NaN 1/0 is infinity Infinity divided by anything
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