REL 2240- Exam Review

REL 2240- Exam Review - Religion Exam Study Notes The Bible...

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REL 2240- Exam Review Romy J. Chapter 1 Define the term testament and explain the relationship of the Old Testament (the Hebrew Bible) to the New Testament. Christians, who accepted Jesus as the Jewish Messiah, used the Jewish Scriptures as religious authority to find evidence supporting their convictions. ( justification in prophecy mostly) Testament = Covenant: contract, bond, vow between God and Humanity Israel with whom God forged a binding, exclusive covenant Mosaic Covenant: YAHWEH support Israel as long they obey his will: the Torah Torah = Pentateuch: 600 laws, teachings Prophet Jeremiah stated God would replace old Mosaic covenant with a new covenant New Testament: Last Supper- change in God’s relationship with humanity; based on love rather than law Promises made to Israel fulfilled in Jesus Describe the overall structure of the New Testament. In what specific ways does the figure of Jesus dominate the entire collection of books? NT corresponds to OT, Gospels=Torah, Acts= Joshua-Kings, Paul’s letters= Theological Theme Unity: Absolute centrality that Jesus’ role in God’s plan for human salvation (orthodoxy) What is an apocalypse? Define the term apocalyptic and eschatology, and explain the application to the early Christian worldview. Eschatology: beliefs about events occurring at the End of time, empathizes Christ’s role as God’s agent to bring it about - Personal LEVEL: death, individual judgment, hell, heaven, resurrection - General LEVEL: societal, historical developments leading to End Apocalypse: vision of spiritual realities/ truths hidden for future/ spirit world Apocalyptic: refer to vision of unseen world What evidence do we have of diversity in the early Christian community? What portrait of Jesus was painted in the Fifth Gospel of Thomas? Jewish-Christians , Syria& Palestine: Jesus was fully human, God adopted him as his son to represent him on earth Christians: Rome: Gnosticism: Jesus entirely divine, sprit being only appearing human
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Gospel of Thomas: Jesus, a guide to disciples, bringing awareness that God’s kingdom already rules Biblical criticism Cultural and historical context Document’s date, authorship Implied audience and social setting Author’s apparent assumptions and goals Theology- study of God’s nature, will, and activity among humankind Chapter 2 Briefly summarize the formation of the NT cannon. Why did the early church decide that it needed a Scripture comparable to the Hebrew Bible? 367 CE = canonical list resembling that of today Anthology of early Christian literature- canon- religious authoritative source of doctrinal and ethical beliefs, the standard/ norm to which all was measured Consensus to accept 4 gospels attributed to Jesus’ disciples, used extensively in worship and teaching converts Marcion- radical advocate of Pauline doctrine of salvation thru faith, ignore
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REL 2240- Exam Review - Religion Exam Study Notes The Bible...

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