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19/04/2010 21:14:00 Your second paper provides an opportunity to explore the political beliefs and attitudes of American religious groups. The assignment is to compare the political views of either (a) two different religious groups or (b) two politically distinct groups from the same religious tradition. Take their positions on political issues and explain how the groups understand the issues and how they explain their positions from a religious perspective. You will also need to place the views of each group in the context of the political behavior of church members from the religious traditions you are studying (according to the relevant chapters in Wald & Calhoun-Brown and Wilson). Do the positions taken by the organizations reflect the viewpoints of rank and file members of the religious group? WHEN THEY VOTE, WHO DO THEY VOTE FOR AND WHAT THE ISSUES ARE THE IDEAS CLOSER TO THOSE OF LATINOS OR OTHER Social economic- immigration In selecting the groups to study, you must first make a choice of two groups to compare. You may either select two different religious denominations --say, Roman Catholicism and Reform Judaism--or take one denominational organization and an organization from the same religious tradition but an alternative political perspective. For example, you might choose the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention and the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty. You'll find many such groups in the links for chapters 5-8 but you are not limited to these links. I'm also willing to allow you to study groups not on the links list if they fit the category. Given the uncertainty you may have about what groups go in what category, I encourage you to ask me for guidance. {{ maybe do a story or example for each point??}} I anticipate a paper in the 7-12 page range but that is only a guideline, not a requirement. In terms of substance, you will want to compare the groups in the types of issues they stress, the nature of the reasoning they employ, and how they justify their positions in terms of religious values. I want to emphasize that you are not limited to the web-based sources on the links page. In fact, you are strongly encouraged to go beyond these sources by conducting standard library research using various print sources. I expect a list of references at the end of the paper following the same style (the Harvard- Chicago) that was used for the first paper. Research:
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“Catholic interest groups enjoy an advantageous strategic location in the configuration of American pressure groups. on the one hand, Catholic groups have been allied with the Democratic party throughout much of American history and were strongly supportive of the New Deal. They are generally comfortable with the liberal Democratic agenda on such issues as welfare spending, labor laws, civil rights, and the death penalty. On the other hand, they join with Republican conservatives in opposing both abortion and condom distribution to minors, promoting parental choice options in day care and education, and
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Religion & Politics Notes - 19/04/201021:14:00 Your...

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