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Making Waves Intro: “Health, education, recreation, poverty, pollution, crime, corruption, and social discrimination matter of both public and private concern (pg.1).” “Inclined toward social and civic consciousness (1)” Social justice e and equality in public policy, growth, environmental protection, Chapter 1:Ruth Bryan Owen Fl’s 1 st wmnCongresswomen (2 terms), FDR administration: 1 st wmn diplomatic head, United Nations ambassador to Denmark(1933) , L.L.D. at Rollins College (1927) Public opinion after 19 th amendment (38 states ratify not FL)- women still irrational creatures with voting and office holding, place at home- would lead to decline in family and society, place in home ideally 19 th amendment overstepped state’s boundaries, women & politics exclusive, women then set out to educate each other and public about qualification through lobbying, special interest groups, fundraiser, networking- professional support Concept of women network- demand formal and prominent roles in government and parties Father, the Great Commoner, daughter of William Bryan- Neb. Congressman- 3 time presidential bid- campaign trails/ DC upbringing shaped her “Old-girl network”- tool for political empowerment= professional contacts, leadership training, political initiation Helped with Jane Addams Hull House – commitment to Progressive Reforms such as assisting immigrants, teaching elementary education, medical services – interested in youth problems in a urban America Single parenthood-guilt about career of speaking engagements- resented parental control , family tension, “supermom” Joined American Women’s War Relief Fund Association in London-WWI- nurse, traveled extensive-joined organizations that promoted international agreement and disbarment- moral passion for life, no war When military husband became invalid, turned to speaking engagements to support family- moved to Coral Gables- Miami’s women’s club, PTA, Theater Guild, Daughters of the American Revolution, Episcopal Church Guild, …………. .regional director of YMCA, Voluntary clubs/ associations offered wider scopes of influence – middle class, college educated – civic action – important political, organizational, motivational skills learned Concerns shifted from home- church-club-local community affairs- state problems-national issues UM Board of Regents 1926-28,national popularity as Chautauqua speaker, FL political climate unaccepting of women-rep.18 county –FL 4 th district Her offensive strategy of accusation of naturalization, Englishman husband, citizenship, but defeated by incumbent male Sears
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Use media, campaigned/ spoke in every district, used “mother of humanity: perspective- 1928 elected, attacked on citizenship bc she was a woman who married a foreigner, a man wouldn’t be questioned Address Fruit fly destruction of fruit industry, extensive federal aid, drainage programs, loans for flood areas, protected N.Fl. farmers , cable act amendments
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Making Waves Intro (Autosaved) - Making Waves Intro Health...

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