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With technological innovation, changing economic patterns, troubled race relations, waves of new immigration, and demographic changes; Florida became a modern society that challenged women to become progressive in their ideology, economic venues, political aspirations, and racial situations (Mohl & Mormino). White, black, and Latino women invested in the political, social, economic, ecological, and ideological shifts in paradigm in the development of Florida. Politically, women’s suffrage has upset the white male hegemony that Florida politicians fought to preserve. Since the Constitution of 1885, the political process disfranchised black voters through the Democratic Party’s white primary system and poll taxes (Danese). Thus black suffrage and the women vote became intertwined in the equality of race and the gender, an idea that Floridians protested. The 1915 state legislature believed that if women were given the right to vote so would black women, which would open the doors for black suffrage. The grandfather clause was proposed; it advocated a property requirement, a literacy test, and a certain linear background excluding most southern blacks and poor, uneducated whites from voting. But the same device was constitutionally disputed by the Supreme Court in Oklahoma and ultimately wad found unconstitutional; thus the grandfather clause died. Black and white women were pitted against each other in the right to vote because the vote of black women would stimulate black men to political action. Women’s suffrage was tied to the greater political marginalization of blacks and white women failed to see the connection between gender discrimination and racial inequality. World War II promoted female economic opportunities outside the home and into new
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Finalpapre - With technological innovation, changing...

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