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1AMH 3423 Florida Since 1845, Spring 2010 Take Home Essay #2 To complete the essay, you are required to choose one of the options below and write an essay (using third-person language only) of no more than five , double-spaced pages. This means that you need to put a lot of thought not only into the content of the paper but also into the presentation of your response. Your essay needs to be written in a single seamless narrative, without rephrasing the questions and without listing answers in bullets. To be successful at this task means that you will want to employ an economy of words in tightly constructed sentences and paragraphs. You should write in clear and concise language that conveys only that information relevant to the subject. In other words, avoid becoming bogged down in minutia but provide the information necessary to show that you have a comprehensive understanding of the history. When you respond to the questions, always think in terms of historical significance and draw on only the course readings, lectures, and films that cover the period that you are asked to discuss. (Remember to follow the rules in the Writing Mechanics Exercise. Retrieve it from your class notebook and put it on your desk next to your computer before your begin. Many people in the
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flessay2-2 - 1AMH 3423 Florida Since 1845 Spring 2010 Take...

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