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African American Politics Class - African American Politics...

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African American Politics – January 13, 2009 - Video- No Easy Walk, Lecture Moral Style of Protest – MLK leadership style- moral appeal- 1955- 1968: Montgomery Bus Boycott- Memphis, Tennessee When challenge the system- attacked and criticized- Obama as young, black man 4 Categories of black power: one of ways African American have tried to gain power; morality- first category (1955- 1968) Discrimination is immoral, illegal, against American ideals and creed; principles such as freedom, equality, democracy, pursuit of happiness, and liberty. Project C- Confrontation- children participate in marches, 2000 kids- nonviolent- but confronted with violence by authorities 1 st style- moral appeal style- direct action protest, nonviolent- marching, boycott, sit in, demonstration, ticket at segregated institution- attract media attention- successful 2 nd style- political bargainer-Barrack Obama- focus on voting, winning elections, has faith in American system and creed, Congress/ Senate, elected officials strong influence on politics- 1960s- after Voter Rights Act of 1965 3 rd style –alienated reformer- Malcolm X-reform system, frustrated with current way, blacks should have more control in their own community such as economics, political offices, businesses controlled by blacks, redistribution of power- locked out of power should be able to have positions of power 4 th style- alienated revolutionaries- Marcus Garvey, Black Panthers, cynical about positions in America, very little faith in the creed, change has to take place- violent revolution , own/ separate nation may be needed, or go to another predominant community View of MLK- Christian activism- influences of non-violent philosophies; civil disobedience- refuse to cooperate with evil systems (segregation) - applied it to
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African American Politics Class - African American Politics...

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