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Romilda Justilien FYC 4905 Family Impact Analysis In this independent study enable the student will apply the concepts and skills developed in FYC4660 Family Policy and further develop her skills in the family policy arena. The student will be interning with the Florida Senate. She will: 1. Conduct a Family Impact Analysis of selected legislation being considered by the Florida Senate or House during the legislative session in Spring 2010, and communicate these findings to the Committee on Children, Families and Elder Affairs or the appropriate legislator ( ) . The student will and follow the format and guidelines presented by Bogenscheider ( http:// ) in producing this FIA. In addition, the student may be asked to review revised FIA procedures introduced by Bogenschneider in November 2010 (pending). Produce a usable (well formatted and edited) written document summarizing the analysis
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Romilda_Justilean_FYC_4905_Family_Impact_Analysis[1] -...

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