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Romilda Justilien March 17, 2009 Preview: Diversity within the White Community: Go Greek Activity #1 - The Interview Conduct an interview with someone whose culture, ethnicity, or creed, is different from your own. Be inquisitive and respectf their views. Notify your instructor when your interview has been scheduled. Check the course calendar for assignment DUE DATE. For the interview: • Discuss their background, heritage, where are they from originally. • How would they define their nationality? • What is their definition of racism? • Have they ever experience discrimination. • Would they be willing to discuss that experience? • How did it make them feel? • Why do we have stereotypes? • What are some of the stereotypes that are incorrect about their ethnic group? • Can they think of anything that we can do as a society to improve relationships among cultures? The interview should be at least 15 minutes in length. Do not be over zealous with your interview, the point to merely gain in on another perspective of race relations. Although many do not view the white community as a minority; throughout my life they have been the missing population. My recent interest in this group was sparked by a comment a student expressed during a diversity retreat; she exclaimed that as a white individual she felt as if she did not possess any culture because she was not connected to a common struggle or had a special history that usually unites most minorities and create a premise for a common bond. So I thought how do whites find a community or is it more difficult for them because their external factors such as their race or ethnicity may not be the premise of connection as I feel it is for Black, Latino, Asian, Middle Eastern, and other students who are able to readily join cultural organizations and events that provide a more accessible network or community. So when I decided to discover the diversity of the white community through the institutions of predominantly white sororities and fraternities that exist in the Pan-Hellenic Council and Interfraternity Council that are monitored by Sorority and Fraternity Affairs. I grew up in a predominantly African American and Haitian community in Miami and I rarely had any
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Activity - Romilda Justilien Preview Diversity within the...

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