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EXAMPLE+Situation+Statement (2) - INSERT NAMES HERE Group...

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Group #____ Project Part A – Situation Statement FYC4622 Aging Out of Foster Care America is known around the world as the land of opportunity, but recent studies indicate an alarming number of foster care youth slipping through the cracks . While most people are all too familiar with images of impoverished children waiting for adoption in foreign countries, few recognize this as being just as much an issue in the United States. The foster care system is designed to protect the best interest of minors and prevent potential harm from caregivers by separating them from high risk homes (Gardner , 2008). This separation is intended to be a temporary solution aimed at reuniting children with their parents once deemed safe by the state (Courtney , 2005). The US Department of Health and Human Services' Administration for Children and Families lists abuse, neglect, uncontrollable behavior, and dependence as the primary reasons for foster care placement (Courtney , 2005). That being said, the state evaluates thousands of cases annually in which they recommend against reunification with parents. The government then ends up assuming responsibility for these minors, and more specifically becomes r esponsible for preparing them for independence (Gardner , 2008). Unfortunately, statistics show that the government has failed in this area which has resulted in over 20,000
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EXAMPLE+Situation+Statement (2) - INSERT NAMES HERE Group...

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