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Study+Guide+Quizam_1+Fall+2010+-+Student+DRAFT (1) - DRAFT...

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DRAFT FYC 4622 Study Guide: Quizam #1 Overview The quizam will include approximately 20 multiple choice questions and 2 short answer questions . Possible short answer questions are identified with a below . For each short answer, explain each point with at least 1 sentence , not just a single key word. The quizam content will be largely drawn from this study guide (my goal is that 80-90% of the quizam questions are outlined here). We will start promptly, so BE ON TIME! (as soon as one student completes the quizam and walks out of the room, no additional students will be allowed to take the quizam). We will be using scantron forms, so please bring a #2 pencil to class. Please bring your UF ID as well. No books, notes, or consultations with colleagues are allowed. Tips for Studying The bullets on this study guide are generally in order , from the beginning of a reading to the end. Therefore, you can narrow down the location of an answer by finding the location of other questions. When I think it is not terribly clear where an answer is, I sometimes give you the page number . While much of your reading should be targeted to the bullet points on this study guide, you should also read for broader comprehension and an understanding
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Study+Guide+Quizam_1+Fall+2010+-+Student+DRAFT (1) - DRAFT...

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