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Brittany Fox Romilda Justilien - Florida The Due Process...

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Brittany Fox, Romilda Justilien ENC 3254: Communication of Public Leadership The “right” to marriage, regardless of sexual orientation, has been heavily debated in the state and federal arena, most recently California thought ballot initiative of Proposition 8 which was overturned this year in Perry v. Schwarzenegger. This case study will serve as a comparative model for the current Florida statue on the legal definition of marriage. This policy evaluation paper will advocate a legislative approach to this issue through political theory, legal arguments, and social science research. We will briefly address political theory, chiefly John Rawl’s veil of ignorance and its application to public policy. We feel that this will add in the advocacy process and perception on the opposing side. An examination of past and present legal cases will be used to advocate our position. Cases will include: Romer v. Evans, Lawrence v. Texas, Perry v. Schwarzenegger, Loving v. Virginia, and Gill v.
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Unformatted text preview: Florida. The Due Process and Equal Protection clause of the 14 th amendment will be used to argue that the ban on same sex marriage is unconstitutional. Social science research will encompass demographic and statistical analysis of the current state of gay households in Florida and the United States. We will explore the effectiveness of same-sex parenting in comparison to heterosexual parents and their children. Specifically, this paper will address how the lack of benefits (i.e. health insurance, etc) withholds from same sex household affects the family unit in comparison to heterosexual families. We will argue that the policy of a ban of same sex marriage does not provide the best welfare to all the people of the state. And therefore, the policy should be reevaluated and changed. Finally, using the case study method, we will scrutinize gay adoption in Florida and compare public opinion and law as it relates to same sex marriage....
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Brittany Fox Romilda Justilien - Florida The Due Process...

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