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Unformatted text preview: Muehler v. Mena this is a civil case concerning a search warrant. Police went to the wrong location. Complaints claim the police acted inappropriately when Mena was handcuffed and placed in a garage while the premises were being searched. The police did have a search warrant the Supreme Court stated there basically three justifications for detaining occupant dressers want 1. Preventing flight in the event of incriminating evidence is found, 2. Minimizing the risk of harm to the officers, 3. And facilitating the orderly completion of the search as detainees, for their own self- interest may be asked to open locked doors were there may be locked containers, to avoid the use of force and damaging property. Supreme Court stated Mena’s Detention was under the Summers case plainly permissible and the officer’s authority to detain, to a search is categorical it does not depend on the quantum of proof justifying...
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