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ADPR5910 Exam 3 Notes 5 - ADPR5910 Notes Management Styles...

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ADPR5910 Notes 4/19/11 Management Styles Considerations - Behavior reflects friendship, mutual trust, and warmth Initiating Structure - Behavior centers on establishing rules, procedures, organization, communication channels Ideal leader has a mix of both behaviors Types of powers Coercive - Control over punishments; based on fear Legitimate - Based on position; authority Expert - Based on possession of expertise, skill, knowledge and respect of others’ proficiencies Reward - Control over positive incentives Referent (charisma) - Based on loyalty toward and liking of the leader Subordinate - Upward influence or power Employee preferences - Workers comply with expert and legitimate power - Referent power is linked to worker performance and satisfaction - Employees like their bosses to have power Influence Tactics - Leading by example - Leading by values - Assertiveness - Rationality - Ingratiation - Exchange (you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours) - Coalition formation - Joking and kidding Traits and behaviors of Effective Leaders Traits: - Driven and achievement motivation - Power motivation - Self-confidence - Trustworthiness and honesty - Good intellect - Sensitivity - Sense of humor - Emotional intelligence
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Behaviors: - Adaptable - Stable performer - Demands high standards - Provides emotional support - Give frequent feedback - Has strong customer orientation - Recovers quickly from setbacks - Plays the servant leader role Inner conflicts - Status anxiety o Plays down authority, status stripping eventually fails - Competition anxiety o Fear of failure or fear of success - Managing inner conflicts o Understand your motives; have a firm sense of identity; be consistent in response’ be selective in
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ADPR5910 Exam 3 Notes 5 - ADPR5910 Notes Management Styles...

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