ADPR5910 Exam 2 Notes (Siciliano 9)

ADPR5910 Exam 2 Notes (Siciliano 9) - Siciliano Ch 9...

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Siciliano, Ch. 9: Business Planning 1. Why Take Time to Plan? 1. It helps us to reach goals 2. Execution of the plan: 1. Will require the coordinated efforts of many people 2. Will consume substantial, expensive resources 3. The plan will cover multiple, often interlocking and related goals and tasks 3. Clarity 1. It becomes much clearer what must be done and what are the steps to get there 2. Less likely to forget something or to have to hastily redirect our efforts to include a missing task, if we’re written them down ahead of time 4. Roadmap 1. A plan tells you which turns to take and which ones to avoid, and you know ahead of time bc you’ve thought the route through before the journey began 2. Fewer wrong turns means less time spent, less money spent, and more results 5. Communication 1. A means to communicate consistently and easily the goals we want to achieve to anyone who we believe can contribute to our meeting those goals 2. More likely to receive support for all those who can help us get there 6. Empowerment 1. When something seems impossible, that can be a self-fulfilling prophecy 2. By writing plans down, we effectively break the goals down into small steps 3. Can look at each step and clearly see the possibility and probably of achieving it 4. Gives ourselves permission to believe goal is achievable, this does powerful things to our minds 2. Strategic Planning vs. Operational Planning 1. The two look different bc they are intended to be read by different people for different reasons 2. Strategic Plan 1. Usually more than just a statement of goals 1. Statement of corporate purpose, a request for support, and a call to action 2. Usually includes an emotional appeal to capture support 3. Also define long-range goals of the org and provide a segue to the shorter-term 2. Purpose: to guide the overall direction of an org, to define its grand purpose, what it ultimately wants to achieve, and the general strategies it will use to get there 3. More detailed activities will be laid out in the operational plans 3. Strategic plan doesn’t typically contain a lot of details about implementation
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1. Talks in global terms about the strategies the company will pursue,
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ADPR5910 Exam 2 Notes (Siciliano 9) - Siciliano Ch 9...

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