ADPR5910 Exam 2 Notes (Siciliano 3)

ADPR5910 Exam 2 Notes (Siciliano 3) - Siciliano Chapter 3...

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Siciliano Chapter 3: The Balance Sheet: Basic Summary of Value and Ownership Asset and Ownership – They Really Do Balance! - Balance Sheet: statement of financial condition - Left side: Assets - Right side: Liabilities and stockholders’ equity CURRENT ASSETS —Liquidity Makes Things Flow 1) Current assets: cash or expected to become cash “currently” (within 12 months) a. Produces the liquidity of a company i. Liquidity : the ability to meet current obligations with cash or other assets that can be quickly converted to cash, to pay bills as they come due. Having enough cash or assets that will become cash to write checks without running out of money ii. Insolvency : opposite of liquidity. Not having enough money to pay bills as they become due. Precursor to a creditor revolt or bankruptcy filing b. Main sources of working capital c. Cash and Cash Equivalents i. Cash = most liquid asset and is always first on the balance sheet ii. Includes petty cash fund, checking accounts, cash reserves (savings accounts, bank certificates, money market accounts, short term investments) iii. Can be spent immediately if needed 2) Accounts Receivable : amounts due from customers a. Found next to Current Assets section b. Largest section 3) Allowance for Bad Debt : Related to Accounts Receivable a. Not always shown separately b. A reserve with an estimated amount that the company provides for the possibility that some customers’ balances will not be paid at all and will be written off c. Big issue for companies that sell on credit d. Based on a percentage of all sales made in a given period e. Build reserves by creating a write-off to expenses i. Change uncollectible amounts against the reserve when it’s not likely to be collected in full
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ADPR5910 Exam 2 Notes (Siciliano 3) - Siciliano Chapter 3...

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