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ADPR5910 Exam 1 Lecture Notes 5

ADPR5910 Exam 1 Lecture Notes 5 - ADPR 5910 Notes PR...

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ADPR 5910 Notes PR Administration 2/1/11 * don’t worry about the issue’s paper, 50pts* What to evaluate Communication effects o What is having the effect? (content) o Who is reached by the message? (exposure) o What changes are desired? (effect) o When and how does the effect occur? (processes) · Smith’s research design questions (pp. 273-74) · The importance of objectives · Timing issues (timing of campaign right length, time of year) Research design · After-only study o Measures post-tactic situation o Does not prove cause § Only sometimes valuable § Only when starting point is zero, new business, etc. · Before and After study o Identifies change during the campaign o Outcome may be related to external noise · Controlled Before and After study o Experiment with a control group (not exposed to campaign) o Can prove cause o Most effective but almost never done (more expensive and time consuming) Method · Three broad categories of evaluation o Outputs, knowledge or outgrowths, and outcomes of behavior/attitude/opinion change · Issues o Audience must be exposed to message, attend to it, process it, and remember it o Education, issue salience, issue involvement, media access o Situational theory of PR: if you have high issue involvement, then more likely to pay attention to a msg and act on it Evaluation model · Ketchum effectiveness yardstick · Outputs à Outgrowths à Outcomes o Outputs: reached targeted audiences, impressions, placements o Outgrowths: retention, comprehension, awareness, reception o Outcomes: behavior, attitude or opinion change Judgmental Assessments · Informal, based on experience and hunches, informal conversations with members of public · Often used in PR
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· Valuable in terms of experience with certain publics and understanding how they react Communication Outputs · Message production o Work output · Message distribution o Releases sent, interviews held… · Message cost o Smith p. 282 · Ad equivalency Awareness Objectives · Message exposure o Did they see it?
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