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ADPR5910 Exam 1 Lecture Notes 2 - ADPR 5910 Notes PR...

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ADPR 5910 Notes PR Administration 1/20/11 All case studies are due 2/8 Research Categories Client/organization research Opportunity/problem research - Proactive or reactive Audience research Example: Target consumers of Starbucks - Research results- 3 types: o Regulars (order same thing everytime) o Special Occasions o Hang Out Research Methods Quantitative = numbers - Survey, content analysis, counting Qualitative = depth, usually verbal - Focus groups, interviews Measurement Practices Counting Exposure - not just getting it out but also to know that the thing was available to audience Impressions - if article appears in Athens Banner Herald; impressions number is how many copies of newspaper are sold. The potential for others to see it not necessarily the number that actually do Hits - number of eyes that go someplace online Advertising equivalency (AVE) - “10 inches of PR should be more valuable bc more people trust it” bigger numbers - example: 10 inches of copy in newspaper; how much that copy would - how much 10 seconds of newscast cost - Barcelona Principles: global standards for PR practitioners o should not use advertising equivalency cost doesn’t determine effectiveness PR is different than advertising Paying for space and time to say precisely what they want in that space and time= advertising PR doesn’t always get to say what they want to say in the space Requests - How many people request information or send in a coupon Cost per person - Relate to an event or how many eyes or impressions Attendance Awareness
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- Surveys used to measure this - Objectives: to increase awareness o Have to do before and after surveys Action - Get people to volunteer, call for action
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ADPR5910 Exam 1 Lecture Notes 2 - ADPR 5910 Notes PR...

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