JOUR3410 Exam 1 Notes 5

JOUR3410 Exam 1 Notes 5 - Ask lots of dumb questions...

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JOUR 3410 9-1-2010 Mastering a Beat Beats Organize the World Journalists tend to see the world as tied to big, gray buildings (city hall, courthouse, etc) Strength and weakness of Beat System § Strength: Don’t miss the story associated with building § Weakness: so caught up in the beat, that you start writing content for those people and forgetting about audience Outside beat system as GA (general assignment or enterprise) reporters who develop their own ideas or are read to be tossed into any emerging story § Often plum jobs Plan your Beat Make a plan on how to approach it Priorities? How much will be daily news, how much enterprise reporting? Identify any possible conflicts you may have, such as family working for orgs you may cover Learn the Territory Debrief your predecessor
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Unformatted text preview: Ask lots of dumb questions Confess your ignorance Learn the geography Learn the jargon Be curious Read everything Check the clips/old stories Surf the web Develop your own files Learn the law Get to Work Find stories to work on NOW Use each story as a chance to learn Write for your READERS But don’t forget SOURECS Check agenda, public records Connect with Sources Prospect Regularly Work the Public Diversify your Sources If you Make a Mistake, Correct It Find Outside Sources, Experts Identify the Gatekeepers Not what you would always expect. . Secretaries! Get Contact Info!! Magazine Beats Different from other beats Mags have fewer staff and often use freelance material “Beat” might be a staffer in charge of certain topics or sections of “the book” as it is sometimes called...
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JOUR3410 Exam 1 Notes 5 - Ask lots of dumb questions...

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