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JOUR3410 Exam 1 Notes 3 - -Ask “what do you mean?” not...

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JOUR 3410 8-25-2010 Video on Interviewing Politicians express in sound bites but there’s a different way of interviewing with community people who aren’t familiar with policies Know the thinking behind the quote to better write - Ask better questions - Listen for patterns of thoughts - Find the real story (ask more questions) Example: What’s your position on crime? - Study nonverbal Needs time to let them think, talk at their own speed “What do you make of that?” “What might some of the causes be?” Relationship between things that people are concerned about and the context that they are coming from
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Unformatted text preview: -Ask “what do you mean?” not “do you mean this?”-Be specific and pull them in to get the real answer Square Contradictions Keep them talking Journalists tend to look for the anecdote and build the story on that but you should look for a pattern and build the anecdote on that pattern-Be open to the story changing from what you were initially expecting-Patterns provide better understanding that allows for the story to ring true Community people prefer more conversational approach-Ask smaller questions-Doesn’t have to be a long conversation...
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