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JOUR3410 Exam 1 Notes 2

JOUR3410 Exam 1 Notes 2 - JOUR 3410 How Reporters Find the...

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JOUR 3410 8-23-2010 How Reporters Find the News Four ways: - Observation : learn to see beyond what you take for granted, note the smallest of details , and use these to address all the reader’s senses o Get beyond your predispositions and natural biases o The telling detail is the one that makes a story come alive (make the scene ring true to the reader) Details that matter o Learn to notice the details o Example: Short Fiction Guts - Interviews : talking to people, using their quotes, their insights, their feelings- make a story sing o Guided conversation o Some are naturally gifted at getting people to talk, most have to learn o Discuss detail how to prepare, conduct, and follow an interview - Documents: reports and studies, PR documents Releases and agendas, police reports and the latest court filing in the latest hot judicial case- building blocks o Lend credibility, provide legal protection, and five a starting point from which you go deeper into the story o
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