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SPCM1500 Exam 3 Notes 3 - SPCM1500 Self Disclosure is a...

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SPCM1500 7/27/2011 Self Disclosure is a Subjective Process - What we share and the amount of risk involved is determined by the individual disclosing the information - History vs. Story o History: information that sounds personal but easy for others to tell Example: dating background, parent passing away when you were young, new roommate’s dad killed her mom o Story: sounds like normal information but risky for individual to tell it - Topical Intimacy: traditional see as intimate topics across the board as a society regardless if information feels its risk or not; inherently risky topics o Sex o Religion o Racism Principles of Self-Disclosure 2% of communication everyday is self-disclosure (private information that you intentional tell to others) - Disclose a lot in a few interactions - Occur between two people in a close relationship (rare for people to self-disclose in groups) o Risk level is lower - Self disclosures are reciprocal - Occur over time Reasons to Self-Disclosure - Catharsis - Improve physical health o Blood pressure, stress, study of holocaust victims that shared their stories and decrease in blood pressure - Self-awareness o Clarify what you feel about yourself, how you define and understand yourself - Initiate, maintain, or escalate a relationship Reasons NOT to Self-Disclose - To avoid hurt and rejection - Protect a relationship - To reduce stress 7/28/11: Conflict Styles Four “I”s of Conflict 1. Interdependence
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a. Expectations come from relying on someone b. Failure to meet expectations can lead to conflict c. Repercussions for you when interdependent because you have to work with other
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  • Interpersonal relationship, Low Cooperation, low assertiveness, High assertiveness, Avoid- Escalate- Avoid, inherently risky topics

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SPCM1500 Exam 3 Notes 3 - SPCM1500 Self Disclosure is a...

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