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SPCM1500 Exam 2 Notes 2 - S PC M1500 Terri toriality Ter ri...

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SPCM1500 7/19/11: Territoriality Territory: fixed geographic area that is occupied, controlled, and defended by a person or group as an exclusive domain Components: - Fixed area: boundaries, doesn’t usually change very much, marker of where boundaries are - Occupied, controlled, and defended: people live there, somebody/something in charge of it - Typically consists of visually marked boundaries: fence, door, state line signs Innateness of Territories Argument: Territoriality is innate. Let’s consider the evidence for that position. Calhoun’s (1962) Rat Studies Method: Rates were placed into a physical environment designed for 50 rats. Food, water, and nesting materials were provided to accommodate the population. Findings: - Population peaked at 80 rats - Two most dominant males took harems of females and occupied more than their share of space - Many females stopped nesting and abandoned infant rats - The pregnancy rate declined - Infant and adult mortality increased - More aggressive physical attacks occurred - Sexual deviance increased including hyper-sexuality, inhibited sexuality, homosexuality, and bisexuality Overpopulated area = negative side effects and do things to get population back down Happened innately and did it on own Sociology, Psychology, and Communication Social science research and humans People have done sociological studies that mirror what happened with rats happening in humans
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Studies of territorial definition and defense - Schlefen (1971) videotapes family patterns in their homes. He finds strong evidence of territoriality
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SPCM1500 Exam 2 Notes 2 - S PC M1500 Terri toriality Ter ri...

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