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SPCM1500 Exam 1 Notes 2 - S PC M1500 PERCEPTIONS Perception...

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SPCM1500 7/12/11: PERCEPTIONS Perception Process Perception is the process of using our sense to respond to stimuli 1. Attending and Selecting 2. Organizing 3. Interpreting 4. Retrieving Allows us to make inferences about people - Is this you personally or is it an outside force that makes it not your fault? 1. Attending and Selecting : using out sense to respond to environmental stimuli - Mindfulness: paying close attention to detail - Selective Perception: deciding to give attention to particular stimuli of importance to us while dismissing other stimuli 2. Organizing : taking a multitude of information and transforming them into a coherent whole - Relational Schema: mental framework used to guide future behaviors - Stereotyping: looking for consistency in behaviors o Similar to stimulus generalization Attribution Theory : attempts to describe and explain mental and communicative processes involved in everyday explanations of behavior - Example: if someone is consistently late, the theory gives you a way to explain why they are consistently late - Intrinsic (personal issue specific to you) vs. Extrinsic (fault is another’s/beyond your control)
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SPCM1500 Exam 1 Notes 2 - S PC M1500 PERCEPTIONS Perception...

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