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DRAFT, MITERM, FINAL - will be able to refine as you learn...

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S. Flatt Fall 2010 DRAFT 1 TEAM ASSIGNMEN T Due: October 11, 2010 (5% /10 points possible) This draft is only regarding part I-D, numbers 1-2 of the Team Project outline: the SWOT and TOWS analysis. Late submissions will be deducted one point per day. Format: Aside from the SWOT/TOWS template, use one inch margins and double space your explanations regarding the SWOT and TOWS. The entire document should not exceed six pages. While the entire Background section is not required at this time, most of the underlying work from the Background and additional research are needed to complete an informed SWOT and TOWS. That being said, you are expected to cite your sources for the SWOT items and provide a list of references for your citations at the end of the document. This is a draft, therefore you
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Unformatted text preview: will be able to refine as you learn more about the company in the coming weeks. Use the SWOT/TOWS template. 1. Complete a SWOT analysis on your selected company based on research on the company. Begin by brainstorming items for each of the SWOT areas, then prioritize your lists and present no more than eight items per area. Provide a description explaining each area of your SWOT. 2. Complete a TOWS analysis based on your SWOT and include at least two different combinations for the TOWS analysis (two of the following: SO, ST, WO, WT). Present and explain each of your TOWS analysis. 3. How would Porter classify (competitive scope and competitive advantage) the company’s strategy? Explain. 4. How would Miles and Snow classify the company’s strategy? Explain....
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