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DRAFT_2 - or executive leaders that may play an important...

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S. Flatt ([email protected]) Fall 2010 DRAFT 2 (Team Project) DUE: Friday, November 19, 2010 This draft constitutes Part II (congruence analysis) of the outline for the Final Project. 1. Identify the performance gaps for the company and briefly explain these. 2. Identify the strategic context of the company and briefly explain. 3. Identify the strategic choices of the company and briefly explain. Include your best assessment of how Porter would categorize the company’s strategy (or strategies). 4. Identify the executive leadership (CEO and President). Feel free to include other senior
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Unformatted text preview: or executive leaders that may play an important role in the company’s decision making. 5. Identify the items for the congruence model: a. Critical Tasks for the company. b. People for the company. c. Formal Organization/Structure for the company d. Culture for the Company 6. Conduct a congruence analysis of one (1) Critical Task relationships (one of the following: Task with People, Task with Formal Organization/Structure, Task with Culture). 7. Include citations and references for sources of information for the draft....
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