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Midterm Review 1. What is the difference between formalization and culturalization? 2. What is organizational effectiness? Provide an example. Explain. 3. What is organizational efficacy? Provide an example. Explain. 4. Can an organization be effective and ineffective? Provide an example. Explain. 5. Can an organization be ineffective and efficient? Provide an example. Explain. 6. Stakeholders generally perceive organizational effectiness similarly? True or false? Explain 7. What is the purpose of the mission statement? 8. What is the difference between official and operative goals? Provide an example. Explain. 9. Sketch the open systems model for McDonalds. Explain. 10. What’s the difference between an organization’s task environment and general environment? Explain 11. Present at least 3 ways the external environment may influence an organization. Explain. 12. Present at least 2 ways an organization may influence the external environment.
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