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S. Flatt Fall 2010 MGMT 670: Presentation Guide The goal of the presentation is to present and sell your recommendations to the “senior managers” (your colleagues) in the class. Therefore, plan a presentation that offers sufficient background and analytical information (selected SWOT/TOWS and/or congruence analysis) that identifies the company’s performance problem(s) and your recommendations. Your recommendations must be derived from your analyses and should not be your opinion. Each team will have 20 minutes for their presentation. Plan and practice for 15 minutes and you will be fine. If you go over 20 minutes, you will lose points from your presentation.
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Unformatted text preview: This is in fairness to all who have to present later and may not have sufficient time. There will be a 5 minute Q&A time after each presentation. Not everyone has to be a presenter for the presentation, but everyone should be available for the Q and A. The overall presentation should flow smoothly across those who present. You will be evaluated on the following points: 1. Clarity 2. Appropriate background material presented 3. Appropriate amount of diagnoses presented (SWOT/TOWS and congruence model) 4. Organization of material 4. Proposed recommendations 5. Use of visual media 6. Entire package polished presentation...
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Presentation_Guide_fall_2010 - This is in fairness to all...

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