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Fall 2010 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Monday: BUS 304 (2:30-4 PM) Wednesday: DTC 585 (1-2; 5-6:30 PM) AND by appointment MANAGEMENT 670: STRATEGIC DESIGN AND CHANGE (3 Units) SFSU Bulletin course description: Study of designing and changing organizations to respond and adapt to 21 st Century global competitive demands. Focus on applied analysis of strategic organization design at the work group, cross-functional, and organizational levels. The prerequisite for this course is a ‘C-‘ or better in MGMT 605 and will be strictly enforced. All organizations need to continually change to be competitive, successful, and meet their performance goals. Organizations that are well designed are more likely to achieve these positive outcomes. This course examines the organization’s context (external environment, strategy, structure, culture) as a means to better understand organization design and change. The course has three related components: 1) the course begins by setting the foundation for organizational change by examining an organization’s context or organization design characteristics; 2) This is followed by applying an organizational diagnosis model (congruence model) to assess an organization’s performance and identify what factors could be changed to improve the organization’s performance; and 3) the course shifts to review foundation concepts to implement successful organizational change and the challenges associated with implementing organizational change. While the course presents and reviews various concepts, the emphasis will be on conceptual applications to the ‘real world’ of business. Required Readings: In an effort to keep costs down, the readings for this course are from three sources: (1) Daft : E-Chapters from: Richard Daft, Organization Theory and Design, 10th Edition, Thomson-Southwestern Publishing, 2010 (ISBN:10:0-324-59889-0). Go to to purchase the following chapters: Chapters 1 (free), 2, 3, 4, and 10. (2) HBS : Harvard Business School Publishing ‘Reader’ packet. This will be available for purchase online and you will be able to print your copies of the material (HBS). You will receive the link after class starts. (3) ERES : E-Reserve Readings at the library (ERES). Selected chapters from other books to supplement course material on organizational change. The E-Reserve password will be distributed at a later date. (4) Additional readings and cases may be assigned and will either be available on
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Syllabus-MGMT_670 - Professor Sylvia J. Flatt Email:...

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