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SYMPOSIUM PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONS Presentation date: 12/1/2010 Grade: The presentation is worth 35 points. Length and participation: The presentation should be 8 minutes long, with an additional 2 minutes for questions-and-answers. (In order for there to be enough time for each group to present, you must not exceed this time limit.) Each member of the group should participate equally in the preparation, and each member should have equal speaking time in the presentation itself. Format for the presentation : * Be pre-prepared with visual aids - posters, overhead transparencies, models, handouts, etc.* 1) Introduction - give background information about the topic, state a question, and make a hypothesis. What is the purpose of the experiment? Why is this topic interesting to you? What significance, if any, does it have for humans? (2-3 minutes) 2) Materials and Methods - Describe the experimental set-up. Explain the controls and describe how validity and confidence in the results are ensured. How much time and money
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