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INSTRUCTIONS FOR SYMPOSIUM PROPOSAL Due: in lab on Nov.3, 2010 Grade: The proposal is worth 5 points. Introduction: In lab on Dec 1, 2010 , you will participate in a symposium of presentations. On this day, each group of students will present a research question, how the group would design a study to address this question, and what conclusions might be drawn from such a study. Each student in the group will present a portion of the information, and the group's presentation will be 8 minutes long, followed by a 2 minute question-and-answer period. Topic: Your group will choose its own topic for the presentation. It may be any human biology topic, whether it is the expansion of a topic already covered in lab, a topic covered in a future
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Unformatted text preview: lab, or a new topic. Proposal: Your group will submit a written proposal for your presentation. (Include the names of all group members on the one, submitted proposal.) The proposal should be written in bullet-format, addressing each of the following points: • the general topic • the specific problem/question on which your presentation will focus • your group’s hypothesis • your group’s controlled experimental approach to test the hypothesis (in 1-2 sentences) • the reason(s) why your group is interested in this question Assessment: If the proposal is complete and turned in on time, you will earn 5 pts. Failure to turn in the proposal on time will result in a grade of zero. I-8...
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