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Lab 1 1. Measurements, drawings, colors, more specific terminology 2. Hypothesis is a testable explanation, “educated guess” about the answer to a question 3. Partner measured in meters, you used cm 4. Independent variable is time, dependent is body temp 5 inconsistencies in the way measurements were made (shoes on/off, hair height, etc), whether distance jumped was measured at heels or toes. 6. From entire class, larger sample size=more accuracy. 7.other variables influence distance jumped (muscle, physical fitness, nutrition, type of shoes, medical conditions) LAB 2 1. We don’t know other credentials besides medical doctor with respect to nutrition and cancer 2. An assay is an analysis of a sample to determine its components. Qualitative assay is testing for the presences or absence of a substance in a sample, quantitative determines the amount present 3. A control is a standard for comparison. A controlled experiment only tests one variable at a time, keeping all other potential variables constant. 4. A positive control shows what a positive test reaction should look like. For Vit C assay,
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