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BUS 682 (10) - Article of the Day assignments How to earn 5 out of 5 points for this exercise: 1) Read the assigned material for the day you are scheduled to present an article. Note the major concepts, principles, and analytical models that are discussed in the readings. 2) Search for a news article, published in the past 60 days, that either helps illustrate, support, contradict, or challenge one or more of them. 3) Write a brief (At least one half, but absolutely no more than one page, single spaced,10 12pt font with 1 inch margins) summary that tells me: a) In a single sentence, what the article is about. b) In another single sentence, why the article is relevant to the readings assigned c) Any insights, surprises, evidence that supports or contradicts something discussed in the readings, etc. I.e., Is there anything we can learn from this news item? 4) Bring your printed write up to class, attached to the article itself, and be prepared talk (without reading directly from your write up) about a, b, and c above.
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BUS_682_10_Article_assignment_dates[1] - BUS 682(10 Article...

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