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BUS 682 Exam #2 Study Guide The corporation in American politics o Methods/strategies/tactics corporations use to influence politics and policy o Understand these campaign finance topics and their relevance to business: PACs, brokering/bundling, soft money, 527s, and the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling. o Models of business influence: Dominance vs. Pluralist. Business regulation: o What are the major rationales or reasons that we regulate business practices? o What industries have been “deregulated” the most? o What are some of the major ways that the financial services industry has been deregulated since the 1990s? o What impacts did financial deregulation have on behavior of investors, investment banks, and other financial institutions? o What, if any, re regulation would you recommend for financial services? Corporations and the natural environment: o What is the Tragedy of the Commons ? What are the major strategies for preventing the tragedy from occurring? o What is the
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BUS_682_10_Exam_2_study_guide[1] - BUS682Exam#2StudyGuide...

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