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Wal-Mart faces class action lawsuit CSR Asia Weekly Vol.1 Week 38 by Stephen Frost sfrost@csr-asia.com If you ever doubted Wal-Mart is the company people love to hate, then news last week that it became the target of another class action lawsuit should put the issue to rest. Wal- Mart ’s appearance in court over labour-related issues is not particularly newsworthy (the company is facing about 40 cases alleging workplace violations in the US, including one claiming the retailer systematically and illegally denied workers their lunch breaks), but the content of this latest bears closer scrutiny. The unusual aspect of this case is that it has been filed by advocates for 15 plaintiffs in – among others – China, Indonesia and Bangladesh who charge the world’s largest retailer overlooks labour abuse at factories run by its suppliers. Filed in the California Superior Court in Los Angeles, the case will be watched as closely as the recent Unocal case under the Alien Torts Claims Act that saw plaintiffs in Burma sue the company in a US court. The lawsuit seeks class-action status and claims southern California grocery workers were harmed because Wal-Mart ’s low prices - made possible by alleged substandard overseas factories - force competing grocery chains to cut wages and benefits. The lawsuit has been filed on behalf of two classes of plaintiffs. The first includes factory
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Wal-Mart_faces_class_action_lawsuit[1] - Wal-Mart faces...

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