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1 1 1 BUS 690 Bus 690: Business Policy and Strategic Management 2 2 BUS 690 G.Desa Agenda • Course overview and Syllabus • Break • Basic strategy concepts • Next class 3 3 BUS 690 Image source: 4 4 BUS 690 G.Desa Microsoft & HP Increase Outsourcing to India Sify reports:"Microsoft will increase the number of staff at its software development centre in Hyderabad from 200 to around 500 by 2005 while Hewlett-Packard is setting up a back-office accounts processing facility in Bangalore for expanding outsourcing operations in India. The Outsourcing Times, June 11, 2004 5 5 BUS 690 G.Desa What’s going on here? Pharmaceuticals Computers Textiles ROA (2009) Number of firms 6 6 BUS 690 G.Desa Course Motivation • Average returns (profits) among industries vary (industry attractiveness) • Returns among companies within industries vary even more • Returns for individual companies vary over time Why are some firms more successful than others?
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2 7 7 BUS 690 G.Desa Course Objectives • Develop knowledge and skills needed to: – Evaluate a firm’s strategy • role of Analyst – Recommend future strategic actions • role of Consultant – Manage the strategic direction of a firm • role of Manager 8 8 BUS 690 G.Desa Course Emphasis • Analysis and prescription – From a generalist perspective • across functions • integrative/capstone course – Using strategic thinking • uncertainty, ambiguity, complexity • no “one best way” 9 9 BUS 690 G.Desa Course Design Introduction to Strategy Corporate Governance Organizational Structure & Control Strategic Leadership Business-Level Strategy External Environment Internal Environment Competitive Positioning Competitive Dynamics (Rivalry) Corporate-Level Strategy Diversification Mergers & Acquisitions Alliances International Strategy Innovation 10 10 BUS 690 G.Desa 11 11 BUS 690 G.Desa 12 12 BUS 690 G.Desa Corporate Strategy External Environment Regulation and Governance Business-Unit Strategy Innovation
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Slides - Bus 690: Business Policy and Strategic Management...

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