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Week_4_-_Business_Level_Strategy[1] - Bus 690 Business...

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1 1 BUS 690 Bus 690: Business Policy and Strategic Management BUS 218 2 BUS 690 G. Desa Agenda – 2/19 Business-Level Strategy Competitive Positioning 3 BUS 690 Agenda Business-level strategy introduction Cost-leadership vs. Differentiation Implementing a strategy – The Value Chain 4 BUS 690 Business-Level Strategy Corporate-Level Strategy Introduction to Strategy External Environment Internal Environment Competitive Positioning Competitive Dynamics (Rivalry) Innovation & Entrepreneurship Diversification Mergers & Acquisitions Alliances International Strategy Corporate Governance Where we are… 5 BUS 690 Where we are... External Analysis Internal Analysis Competitive Positioning (Business-level strategy formulation) Strategy : An integrated and coordinated set of actions taken to exploit core competencies and gain competitive advantage. 6 BUS 690 Corporate vs. business levels Corporate level strategy (Ch. 6, 7) – What mix of businesses should we be in? Business level strategy – Actions taken to provide value to customers and gain a competitive advantage by exploiting core competencies in specific, individual product markets . – How should we compete effectively in the businesses that we are in?
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2 7 BUS 690 Corporate vs. business levels CORPORATE LEVEL Theme Parks Television Cruise Line Movie Production BUSINESS LEVEL 8 BUS 690 Key Issues Business-Level Strategy 9 BUS 690 Addressing business strategy • WHO? – Who are the customers we should serve? • WHAT? – What needs do those customers have? •HOW? -How can we exploit our core competencies to serve customers’ needs? 10 BUS 690 Five Business- Level Strategies SOURCE: Adapted with the permission of The Free Press, an imprint of Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group, from Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance, by Michael E. Porter, 12. Copyright © 1985, 1998 by Michael E. Porter. 11 BUS 690 Narrow Market: Focus on an Industry Segment Industries may be segmented by: – buyer group • e.g. focusing on elderly consumers ( Elderhostel ) – segment of the product line • e.g. focusing on craft beers ( NewBelgium )
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Week_4_-_Business_Level_Strategy[1] - Bus 690 Business...

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